When I ever say bake a cake, remind me I am definitely not good at cooking
— Ariana

Ariana is a fire elemental fairy and one of The Rubies.



Voiced by
Taylor Swift
Portrayed by(In the movie)
Avril Lavigne
Powers and abilities
Snowy force
Double ray
The Rubies


Liana is a happy and funny girl, though strict when needed.She helps her friends and shows them abilities and skills on how to defend themselves.Liana loves everybody and is seen being cheerful and happy in any sort of matter.

However, Liana's mother left her when she was only 4 years old, mean girls in Magical Teenage College tease her about it, Liana is mostly seen crying after that or being sad or getting advice from one of her friends, who comfort her.Liana's strong will of finding her mother is still remained unsolved. She once stated 'Even if finding my mother is the most hardest puzzle, I am ready', Which explains that not only nice and cheerful but brave too.

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