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Yeeks! I don't half like what that thing looks like! It needs a serious makeover!
— Melanie

Princess Melanie is an elemental ice fairy and one of the founding members of The Rubies. She was the first to be introduced along with the other Rubies.

Princess Melanie


15 June
Age at first appearance
The Rubies
First Appearance
The Rubies Meet The Vampires
Fairy level


Melanie is sweet,kind and always willing to help her friends, she loves fashion more then anything, until Season 2 she doesn't accept that friends are more important then shopping and clothes.

She is still quite ahead in fashion and is seen giving fashion advice to people around Alfea.She loves her clothes and style, she is quite impressed by the new outfits they get when they transform.She is usually seen wearing a different dress everyday.


Melanie has brownish colored hair.She wears a blue dress with a white necklace and a silver belt.She wears reddish lipstick.


  • Melanie is a feminine given name derived from the Greek μελανία, "blackness" and that from μέλας, meaning "dark".

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