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The Rubies Meet The Vampires is the first and pilot episode of The Rubies And The Vampires.

The Rubies Meet The Vampires
Season 1, Episode 1
At Vampire Institute
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Production Code12
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The Rubies are walking in the forest, when they hear a sudden noise, They go to see what it is.They find two girls fighting,they walk over to them and ask why they are fighting, The girls reply rudely and fly away.Diamond and Melanie wanna figure out where those girls came from and how the flew away without wings.

They use the computer to find out and rush to tell the other Rubies.They go to Vampire Institute, after Iris and Jessica reveal their names the battle starts.The battle starts off with Avelina getting sucked in a big portal and Melanie transforms.

Major EventsEdit

  • The Rubies meet The Vampires.
  • Melanie gets her fairy form


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  • When Melanie transforms, her hair is short.
  • When Iris gets hurt, it is shown that her shirt is torn though it is not.

Main CastEdit