[The Rubies are walking in the forest after there potion class]

Melanie:Today's class was easy, what do you guys think?
Serena:Yes, you are right it was..
Melanie:Because I thought..
[A sudden sound comes from their left side]
Diamond:Did you guys hear that?
Aria:Yes we did! Shall we go see what it was?
Ariana:Let's go then!
[They go to the place where the noise came from]
Unknown girl 1:You are no better then me!
Unknown girl 2:Oh yeah! Light rays!
[Light rays suddenly comes from the girls eyes and hits the other girl]
Unknown girl 1:That hurts..
Unknown girl 2:I know it does, shall we end now?
Unknown girl 1:Yes, but you fought well today!
[The Rubies come forward]
Melanie:Hi! nice to meet you..
Unknown girl 1:Whatever.. Who the heck are you all?
Diamond:We're The Rubies!
Unknown girl 2:Rubies? What the heck is that?
Aria: (A little rudely) It's our group's name
Unknown girl 1:We're not interested! Understood? speechless girls!
Ariana:We only came to ask, why you two were fighting?
[The girls turn and fly away]
Diamond:Wow!! They can fly! We haven't even got our fairy forms yet!
Melanie:Didn't you notice anything? They weren't fairies!
Ariana:Melanie? I think you need to tight your brain!
Serena:No wait, I think Melanie is right, fairies can't fly without their wings!while, those girls did!
Diamond:So then what WERE they?

[The Rubies go back to Alfea and go to their dormitories] {In Melanie and Diamond's room]

Melanie:I really wanna know who those girls were..
Melanie:Can you tell me any species? They could be Draculas,ghosts!!
Diamond:Shut up Mel!
Melanie:Hey! Diamond could you turn on the computer or my Ipad?
Diamond:Hmm... computer
[They both rush to the computer]
Melanie:Go on the internet, then on World Wide Web
Melanie:There it is!
Diamond:Huh? Vampire Institute? What's that gotta do with us? We're fairies
Melanie:I know but maybe the girls were vampires!
Diamond:I have a website we can find vampires on!
[Diamond goes on vampire profiles]
Melanie:See they're it is! Serena was right! look it's written 'Vampires have the ability to fly without wings.
Diamond:Yeah.. that means..
Both of them:Those girls were vampires! Let's go tell the other girls!
Diamond:Wait a min.. other girls?
Melanie:I mean The other Rubies!

[Shows Diamond and Melanie rushing to tell the other Rubies]
Serena:Wow guys guys!! What's the hurry?
Aria:Yeah you're out of breath!
Ariana:Shall I bring some water or juice?
Melanie:We just found out who those girls were!
Serena:Which girls?
Diamond:The one in the forest! Don't you remember?
Aria:Oh yeah!
Avelina:Who were they?
Diamond:They're vampires!
Serena:Stop joking and go back to your dorm!
Melanie:We're not joking!They study and Vampire Institute!
Aria:How do you know that?
Diamond:We found out on World Wide Web and found out that vampires can fly without wings as well!
Ariana:Alright.. So what's the plan?
Melanie:I always wanted to see Vampire Institute
[They become silent]
Diamond:Let's sneak in tonight!
Serena:All right! but, we have to be careful, we don't have our fairy forms yet, remember.
All of them:Rubies rule!

[Shows Diamond and Melanie's dormitory and they're sleeping]
Melanie:Diamond wake up! wake up!
Diamond:What's wrong? (yawns)
Melanie:Vampire Institute! Don't you remember?
Diamond:Oh right! (jumps off the bed)
Diamond:But, what about the other Rubies?
Melanie:They're already here!
All of them:Hi Diamond!
Diamond:Well, how do you plan to get there? flying? (giggling)
Melanie:easy, we'll walk!
Melanie:yes, Vampire Institute is not far!
All of them:Hurry up!
[They wear they're clothes and set off]
[On the way]
Ariana:This feels so cold! (snaps finger and a coat appears)
Ariana:At least we can do simple magic
Melanie:Yes but.. (is interrupted by Diamond)
Diamond:There it is look! (points finger to a scary place)
Avelina:Maybe we should turn back..
Melanie:No! let's go!
[They go inside and meet those two girls again]
Unknown girl 1:Urgh! you again!
Unknown girl 2:Let's tell them who we are!
Unknown girl 1:I am Iris, and for your information I am a vampire!
Unknown girl 2:Same here, though my name is Jessica and I am a vampire too!
Diamond:Told you!
Jessica:And now we will destroy you! (jumping back)
Iris:We will teach you a lesson that you will wish you never came here!
Iris and Jessica:Vampirix!

[The scene now shows Jessica and Iris in their vampire form]
Avelina:It's all your fault,Melanie! I told you to turn back aaah!
[A black portal swallows Avelina]
Melanie:What did you DO with her??!!!
Jessica:Oh just a little payback, Electro punch!
[Jessica attacks Melanie, but Melanie blocks her with an unknown shield]
Jessica:What the... (gets back)
Melanie:Enough is enough!!
Iris:Calm down, sweety! You haven't even checked the real us yet!
Melanie:I feel weird...
[Melanie Transforms to her actual fairy form]
Melanie:Feel my wrath! Fiery Destroyer!
[Iris falls down]
Jessica:You stupid girl! How dare you! (gets down)
Jessicsa:Ice burst!
Melanie:Electrofied shield!
[Melanie forms a shield but Jessica's attack is stronger which brings a drop in her shield]
Ariana:Oh no!
Diamond:Don't stand there looking gormless! Do something!
Aria and Ariana:Do what?
Diamond:I don't care! (runs to Melanie)
Melanie:Get away Diamond! you'll get.. (before Melanie could say any further, Diamond was hit by a dark ray)
Aria:No! Diamond!
Melanie:We can't fight! (Casts a spell and they all appear in their dorms even the vanished ones)
Melanie:That was weird.
[The screen fades to credits]